Alter Wiener
 Holocaust survivor, author, speaker

"64735: FROM A NAME TO A NUMBER - A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography"


Alter Wiener's father was brutally murdered on September 11, 1939 by the German invaders of Poland. Alter was then a boy of 13. At the age of 15 he was deported to Blechhammer, a Forced Labor Camp for Jews, in Germany. He survived five camps. Upon liberation, by the Russian Army on May 9, 1945, Alter weighed 80 lbs as reflected on the book's cover.

Alter Wiener is one of the very few Holocaust survivors still living in Portland, Oregon vicinity. He moved to Oregon in 2000, and since then he has shared his life story with more than 850 audiences in universities, colleges, middle and high schools, Churches, Synagogues, prisons, clubs etc. He has also been interviewed by radio and TV stations as well as the press. Wiener's autobiography is a testimony to an unfolding tragedy taking place in WWII. It has a message what prejudice may lead to and how tolerance is imperative.

This book is not just Wiener's life story but it reveals many responses to his story. Hopefully, it will enable many readers to truly understand such levels of horror and a chance to empathize with the unique plight of the Holocaust victims.
One of the 500-plus Customer Reviews of Alter's book on "Alter honestly and poignantly relates the story of his early childhood, the loss of normal adolescence because of the Holocaust and his lifelong journey to overcome the past. Alter's willingness to share painful memories, both through speaking and through writing, is motivated by his desire to eliminate hate, vengeance and intolerance in the world. His book is a compelling read for all, especially those who think the past is over and done one should only move forward. Al has moved forward, but everyday he continues to be affected by the past. Now he willingly shares his lessons with others. I highly recommend this book."